192-pack 330ml Sleek aluminium cans with CDL-profile in aluminum silver color, including lids with standard opening. These cans are perfect for Brewly ACS-1 Automatic Can Sealer when used with Brewly Can Adaptor 330ml Sleek. 

Please Note: these sleek cans do not fit the Cannular can seamers at this time.

Cans 330ml Sleek Silver CDL 192-pack
- 330ml Sleek Aluminium cans 192-pack incl. lids with standard opening.
- 202 CDL-profile (make sure your can sealer machine supports this standard)
- Silver (standard aluminum surface)
- Can Height: ca 145.4 mm (closed)
- Can Diameter: ca 58.1 mm

Please note: These have been packed in sanitary conditions, however due to the nature of the product we would recommend that you sanitise before use. With regard to the fragile nature of these products some cans may have small surface defects even if packed gently.

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