Brewly 40L Brewery Kit is a affordable kit consisting of Brewly 40L Brewery with chiller and whirlpool, Brewly 20L sparge water heater and Brewly Hop Spider.

Brewly 40L is an efficient, compact half-automatic brewery with Whirlpool, Wort Chiller with gardena-type connectors and mesh screen bottom hop filter.

The Brewly brewery opens up a world of possibilities to brew great craft beer with friends and family, and experience the pleasure to make beer at home that tastes as good as it does from a professional brewery.

Mashing, lautering/straining, boiling and cooling takes place in the same pot. The mash is pumped around and heated according to the RIMS method.

The Digital Controller provides simplicity in entering temperatures, times and power for both mashing and boil. Up to 9 mash steps and 9 hop/spice steps per recipe, and the memory can store up to 9 recipies.

The malt is placed in a stainless malt basket with a perforated insert. The malt basket can easily be lifted in several steps for lautering/straining, and the insert can be adjusted seamlessly to fit the malt bill, thanks to a telescopic overflow-pipe.

A polycarbonate sight glass lets you see the wort/beer volume up to 40L, and there is also a volume scale inside.

A stainless Whirlpool tube is also included, making it possible to create a whirlpool in the wort which increases volume efficiency and speeds up the cooling of the wort.

Brewly 40L Brewery with Chiller & Whirlpool
- Material: Polished stainless steel (AISI 304)
- Chiller: 8,8m stainless Cooling Spiral with gardena-type fittnings for easy connections
- Whirlpool: Stainless Whirlpool tube with CAM-lock-connector
- Adjustable flexible recirculation tube with CAM-lock-connector
- Bottom filter: Mesh-screen bottom filter for efficient separation of hops from the wort.
- Brewing volume: 40 liters
- Total volume: 50 liters
- Power: 2500 W, adjustable in 100 W steps. 16A fuse is recommended. The heating element is placed below the bottom to avoid wort caramelization.
- Malt basket: Can easily be lifted in several steps for lautering/straining, and the insert can be adjusted seamlessly to fit the malt bill, thanks to a telescopic overflow-pipe. A Grainstopper avoids malt dropping through during mash-in. Max recommended malt weight is 10 kg.
- Digital Controller with memory to store up to 9 recipies with up to 9 mash steps and 9 hop/spice steps each. Choose between Automatic Mode and Manual Mode with alarms and reminders.
- Temperature range 25°C to 100°C, adjustable in 0,1°C steps.
- Temperature control up to 100°C, with +-1°C accuracy.
- Powerful magnetic centrifugal pump with seperate control. Max flow 12 liters per minute.
- Tap with Bazooka mesh screen filter
- Height: 57 cm (without lid and recirculation tube)
- Diameter: 40 cm (without handles and tap)
- Weight: 10 kg
- EU-power plug (UK power plug not included)
- 220-240V 50/60Hz
- Instructions Manual in English

Mash water calculation:
mash water in liters = (amount malt in kilos * 2,5) + 10L.

Note: 2,5 is the ratio between water and malt, ie how thick the mash is going to be. This ratio can be varied between approx 2,2-3. 10L is the volume of water below the malt basket inside the brewery.

Example: For a 20L recipe with 6kg malt the mash water calculation is as following: 6*2,5+10 = 25L.

Sparging: For a 20L recipe, sparge with 78-degree C water up to the 25L mark, and then start the boil (you may start heating the wort while sparging to save time).

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